Dentist's Office Matijašević Korčula

Within the Apartments Matijašević Korčula there is the specialist dentist's office „Dr. Matijašević“.. The Dentist's Office is completely equipped with sophisticated stomatological equipment. Our team of top specialists, with the experience of 30-year work in Germany, provide all kinds of stomatological services:

PROSTHETICS fixed Dental turizam - Dentist's Office Matijašević

  • • (jackets and bridges)
  • • mobile (braces)
  • • combined (fixed and mobile works and implants)


  • • iumplanting one tooth / groups of teeth
  • • implanting in toothless jaws


  • • healing sick gums

ORAL SURGERY Dentist office  Matijašević Korčula

  • • extracting teeth / wisdom teeth
  • • root operation
  • • other surgical interventions


  • • white fillings
  • • porcelain inlay and onlay
  • • whitening teeth
    (by lamp, splint and gel, pencil)
  • • tooth jewellery
  • • professional cleaning and impregnating teeth


  • • healing sick nerves
  • • revision of the inappropriately treated teeth


  • • sealing of fissures with liquid composite
  • • braces for children


  • • therapy with splints
    (against snoring, gnashing)
  • • sports stomatology

Resolve all your problems of oral health, professionally, quickly and fairly in an exceptionally agreeable environment of the Apartments Matijašević on the island of Korčula

As a special privilege, we offer the possibility of stay in the Apartments Matijašević during your treatment. Use your holidays in a right way – improve your oral health while enjoying the beautiful ambience of the Apartments Matijašević and the island of Korčula.

The Dentist’s Office Matijašević enables all its patients the optimum therapy in the best possible conditions. Beside the top stomatological treatment, with a reliable and quick service, spend unforgettable moments of recreation, entertainment and rest. Between the treatments in our office, use the possibility of perfect holidays on the very seaside of the beautiful island of Korčula.

Outside of the season, in winter months, we offer significantly more favourable prices for the stay. Enjoy exceptionally mild Mediterranean climate during winter and the pleasant ambience of the Apartments Matijašević, and return from your holidays with a perfectly healthy smile!

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